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Experimental methodologies… and baby pandas


Another week, another blog pointing out that RCTs are not the ‘gold standard’ of evidence despite the fact that NOBODY is saying they are. To be fair to the blogger, he is simply summarising a paper written by Angus Deaton – a man who is a bit of an enigma to me. I have heard him speak and been blown away by how thoughtful, insightful and challenging he is – until he comes to the topic of RCTs when he seems to become strawmantastic. Anyway, I’ve written about misconceptions about rcts so many times in the past that I am sure you are bored of hearing me – in fact I am even bored of hearing myself drone on about it. So, in lieu of another post on this matter, I present to you links to previous posts (here, here and here)… and a picture I have drawn for you of a baby panda. Enjoy.

baby panda

4 thoughts on “Experimental methodologies… and baby pandas

  1. Well said! And drawn

  2. Is this a coded hint that you know more about Tian Tian’s possible pregnancy than the rest of us…?

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